We provide extensive and wide-ranging support, referrals and information services to older adults living in Staten Island.

CASC was created in 1974 by a group of community leaders committed to making a difference at the local level for the growing senior population on Staten Island.  It operated as part of the Community Services Society until 1985, and has since been managed as a fully independent, non-profit agency.  As an extension of recognizing and targeting senior needs, CASC established the Senior Housing Resource Corporation (SHRC) in 1989, which functions as an umbrella corporation for multiple housing needs for older adults.

Focusing On Education

One of the most challenging aspects of managing senior care is the volume of information covering people, companies, agencies, services, options, benefits and activities.  Often it can be overwhelming to collect information, research options and make the right decision(s). CASC is positioned to be your first stop on that journey – to educate and help you make informed decisions, see new possibilities during what can be a challenging time, and support the best and healthiest options for seniors, their families and caregivers.

Outreach Program

While referrals are taken from other agencies, businesses and calls to 311, CASC maintains a strong and direct outreach program to seniors through presentations at senior centers and other senior or retiree groups, banks, health & info fairs, and other houses of worship.

The Senior Population Is Growing Quickly

The senior population on Staten Island is poised to grow over 30% within the next five years – and by that time, there will be more seniors on the Island than at any time in its history. CASC meets the critical and wide-ranging needs of this growing population with a comprehensive network of support, information and resource services.