The Friendly Visiting Program is a free, volunteer-based service provided to older adults who are Case Management clients and are isolated, homebound, and interested in engaging with a friend/volunteer on a weekly basis. The program matches the older adult with a caring volunteer who is carefully screened and trained before being matched. The older adult and the volunteer will meet (in-person or virtually) or have phone calls once a week. Schedules are arranged between the older adult and the volunteer. The matches are done based on similarities/interests. The older adult and the volunteer will have an opportunity to spend time sharing common interests, ideas, opinions, and experiences. These relationships often grow into meaningful and lasting friendships.


Friendly Visiting Program limits social isolation. Social isolation occurs when a person has little to no contact with anyone else. In older adults, it can be harmful to their wellbeing and lead to a variety of serious health problems, including depression, cognitive decline and heart disease.

If you, or someone you know, would like to receive a friendly visitor, you can contact us today at 718-981-6226 Option 2.



If you are looking for:

  • ways to give back to your community
  • dedicate yourself to a worthy cause
  • make a difference in yours and someone else’s life
  • gain a rewarding experience

Connect with our Friendly Visiting Program Coordinator, Rosanne McAllister, at