New In your Neighborhood

NNORC-Neighboorhood Naturally Occuring Retirement Community

The Neighborhood NORC (NNORC) provides a services to older persons living in a defined
residential area consisting of homes and apartment buildings.

These individuals have aged in place after many years of living in their communities and can
benefit from supportive services provided by the NNORC Program. It has been said that a person who remains active through socialization, volunteering, education or wellness programs
will continue to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

This is a great opportunity for residents in your neighborhood to stay connected while getting
the services they need to remain in their homes and keep their independence. Many seniors
do not have a support system in their community and do not know where to turn for these
services. WE NEED YOUR HELP! As a key member of the community and the borough of
Staten Island you can make a difference.

Neighborhood to be served-Rosebank Eligibility:

Persons age 60+ residing in the defined neighborhood
Supportive Services May Include*

  • Case Management
  • Counseling
  • Socialization Activities
  • Home Care Facilitation
  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • Chore & Handyman Services
  • Transportation
  • Home Delivereed Meals
  • Entitlement/Benefits Assistance
  • Caregiver Support Assistance

Support Service Programs aim to maximize and support the successful aging in place of older residents. There is no cost to residents who utilize the program.

*Some services may require referals.

Funded by: NYC Council Discretionary Funding

For more information, please contact: Pamela J. Mauro at 718-981-6226 ext. 119