Senior Services

Seniors make up the generation that either raised us or raised our parents. They helped take care of us and now it is our turn to help take care of them. Senior services not only provide heart-warming volunteer opportunities, they also give you the chance to hear interesting stories and perhaps even learn valuable lessons from seniors’ experiences. There are many ways to participate in senior services. You can help make or serve meals in senior centers or even teach a class about something that interests you. In addition, you can speak with seniors and determine which benefits and entitlement programs would suit their needs.

Friendly Visiting

Friendly visiting makes up a significant component of senior services volunteering. Senior loneliness is a serious issue that can contribute to the risk of dementia and cognitive decline. Feelings of isolation can also be damaging to mental and physical health. Simply visiting homebound seniors who may no longer have a strong social network can relieve the burden of loneliness. We encourage activities such as board games or card games and scrapbooking and simple conversation about current events and experiences. We will match you with a senior based on a shared interest as well as location so that the relationship between senior and volunteer has room to flourish.

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